Saturday, 27 September 2008

"Pop" or "POP!"?

I'm posting this "Saturday" on a Sunday. Why? Because yesterday I got drunk and fell asleep without posting!

The end.

Kimura Kaela who, like everyone else in Japan, is a singer, model and TV presenter, released a double A-side single recently. One side was Moustache, an upbeat pop-rock number, and the other was Memories, which is from a new kids movie. To describe memories as "upbeat" would be like describing Scrooge McDuck as "kinda mean"; it's a virulently potent mixture of cute and sweet that may prove dangerous to western viewers note inured to Japanese cutismo:



To be honest I'm not overly fond of either of these. Moustache isn't a great song, but it does have some great promotional images of Kaela with a moustache and shaving that I've been trying in vain to find on the web. Memories is better but man... it almost hurts my teeth. Then again, I like being hurt.

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  1. i usually go for "POp!" like a balloon bursting, do you see?

    but it's my invention it so you can't have it, and if you steal it i'll sue you for all the comics on your shelves.