Thursday, 25 September 2008

Missed Callings: #598 in a possibly infinite series

You know, I often think "Oh, if only I hadn't flunked out of medical school I could be a doctor now!" Or "Oh, if only I hadn't washed outta boot camp, I'd have made Major by now!" Or words to that effect. But thanks to the Guardian's photo feature on Jeffrey R. Werner's book Incredible Stunts, I've found a whole new career path that I missed out on:


And yes, incase you were wondering, that is the best photo ever.

Where's the drawback? You even get to write your own name on the side of your car in big swirly letters! And you get to have a name like Spanky Spangler. It's win, win, win. Except for the bit where you fail to reach the necessary speed and then you have to spend a year in hospital recovering from massive injuries and your career is over instantly. Oh and:

Reno Jaton holds the quarter-mile world record for being dragged on pavement behind a 14,000-horsepower jet car, reaching 236 mph, subjecting his body to at least 6 Gs, and enduring the spitting flames of the jet engine that reached 700-degrees Fahrenheit"

You know what dude? You can have that record. Go ahead, it's cool, I don't want it.

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