Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Greatest Company Name Ever

If you were thinking of starting a company, and if you were thinking of giving that company the greatest name ever... stop right there. It's already gone. Good people of the earth, I give you:

Driving Vicarious Execution

Sorry about the camera-phone picture, but I saw this baby while I was wandering through Kita 24 Jyo tonight and I had to get a record of it. I'd seen them driving around once before, when I was taking a taxi home from a club at around 4am and I'd dismissed the memory as a drunken hallucination. After all, what could it possibly mean? Driving Vicarious Execution? It's just random J-English non-sequiturs right?

Wrong! The company offers a designated driver service thing. Call them up when you're too hammered to steer and two guys come out, one of them drives you home in their little car, and the other one drives your car home for you. Now think about that monicker again and it all starts to fall into place.

Once again, Japan, I salute you.

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