Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Alex's Sapporo Food Reviews: The Tasty Kiss of Death

Remember ages ago I wrote a review of an American style diner in Sapporo called Demode Queen? Yeah, well apparently I signed the death warrant on that place coz it's closed down now.

If you head out there now you'll find the building, and the adjacent camera store all whitewashed and closed up. On the company's website you'll find Demode Queens in Tokyo, Kyoto and Kanagawa, but not in Sapporo anymore. Frowny face emoticon, if you know what I mean.

Instead I had a tasty, tasty pizza at a nice, bizarrely unbranded Italian restaurant, that for some reason is called "Camel House" - Rakudaken. I was trying to get Yuki to ask the waitress what camels had to do with Italian food but she wouldn't. I'm not complaining, most Italian places in Japan understandably go for a very tried and tired "Italian" look. "Camel House" sounds good to me.

In other news it turns out Yuki is unstoppable as Blanka on the original Street Fighter 2 for the SNES. I mean unstoppable. When we switched it up a bit I was cleaning house with all the other characters, but with Blanka... man it was surgical. She was taking me apart, and not just using boring repetitive stuff, she was mixing it up a lot.

That's what I've learned in the past few days.

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  1. Ben's friend David at work was the great britain champion of street fighter II turbo championship edition 1995 on the megadrive, (or similar title) and took part in a tournament at a shopping centre in buckinghamshire and was on gamesmaster with domanik diamond and everything.

    I'd like to see Yuki beat him! although we have yet to put his skills to the test.