Saturday, 6 September 2008

Alex's Saturday Night

No post tonight because I went out to see an awesome electronic music and video art show at a furniture store (more on that tomorrow).

Later I met up with some other people who asked what I'd been up to. I told them the above and Matt said, "yup, that sounds like you."

Which is telling, huh?

After that I hadn't eaten, so we went to Aji no Tokeidai - "Taste of the Clocktower" as I like to slightly mistranslate it, for ramen and saw the most astounding pair of shoes... ON... THIS... EARTH. What can you do if you want to wear ridiculous, effette, hipster cowboy boots but... sheesh... it's just too goshdarned hot for anything but sandals in the summer?

Let's just say someone has solved that little conundrum, but it's not something we should be thankful for.


  1. hang on! you posted "no post tonight". in a post. according to the structure of reality, this is surely impossible.

  2. Listen Bentley, you stick to your reality and I'll stick to mine ok?

    Then again, your reality does involve a lot more drummers...