Thursday, 4 September 2008

St. Vincent

Apparently it's my job this week to make some quick posts about awesome music. Yeah, me and twenty thousand other internet goons, but I don't make the rules man, I just... concede.

Tower Records still exists in Japan you know. It went bust in America and Europe but in Japan - still going strong and a huge part of the music industry here. They sponsor pretty much everything that has anything to do with music. The saturation of their "No Music, No Life" slogan is like a case study in memetics. There's a guy right outside my appartment right now waving one of those stupid yellow hand-towels and chanting his ass off. I'd close my window but for some reason we're getting a second summer in Hokkaido and it's hot as balls.

However while they've got the best stock of import CDs, I don't really head to Tower for anything except the latest western releases. I'm glad I popped in this weekend looking for the new Vast Aire album though (no luck there). They were having a clearout of tons of western CDs that hadn't sold, so I could pick up a few things I forgot about at half price. And one of those CDs was Marry Me by St. Vincent.

Here's is my review: "It's awesome", now less yapping and more watching the awesome music video:

Wow! But in Japan they don't say music video, they say PV, standing for "Promotional Video" isn't that interesting? Yeah, I know. You're welcome. Again.

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