Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Heroes of Cartography

If you were a wise man (I mean, I know that's a hopelessly optimistic opening clause, but bear with me here), you would waste no time in hightailing it over to www.heroesofcartography.com to download the first EP from the hot-live-rock combo Heroes of Cartography.

Yes, I'm still in a band with them technically, but being completely unbiased it's still awesome stuff. I'm super happy to find that they're making me jealous with this new rocking-out-ity. Goddamnit guys!

So go, download, enjoy and if you're in Birmingham this weekend go check them out live at the Sunflower Lounge. I'm certain something farcical will be in the works.

Oh, sweet rock!

Also apparently someone pushed Noel Gallagher over during a show in America. You can find the video for yourself, but I for one find that simply delightful! Bravo American! From what I've been reading recently, Noel Gallagher has finished his hiatus of "not being a cock" and returned to his old ways of "being a bit of a cock". Oh well, nothing lasts for ever, huh?

Oh also this is my hundredth post on this blog. It feels good to spend it promoting my friends' awesomeness and calling Noel Gallagher a bit of a cock.

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  1. i still remember how i shared a flight here with oasis (but of course they were upstairs in the expensive seats). at the airport they swaggered down the shiny marble steps in their sunglasses, hung around for their luggage looking bored and then moodily went on their way.

    of course, i couldn't help staring, and thinking they looked a bit like cocks.