Thursday, 15 October 2009

Captain the Parrot On October 2nd

Captain the Parrot is Andrew Bentley, Alex Williams and Katsuhiko Sagai:

And we seem to be getting together annually to just go into a studio and make weird noises.

Last year's session can be found here.

This time we came out with 13 tracks of varying style and possibly varying quality. It's very loose, improvised stuff, but then, that's the point. You can listen to a few tracks here, and download them all from my ourmedia page or this page. You should also be able to download them just by right clicking on the names below and saving them to your computer box.

I'm sure that everyone will find their own favourites, but I'd recommend Your Incomplete Questionnaire, Fearsome Forces Face Fire, Sleeping in the Arms of the Bear, Captain the Parrot and 11.30am Eternal, if you're daunted by the whole list.

And really, who wouldn't be with this much awesome on display?

- - -

Captain the Parrot - Come And See Me Anytime You Want To

Captain the Parrot - Richard Nixon's Eternal Calculator

Captain the Parrot - Your Incomplete Questionnaire

Captain the Parrot - Fearsome Forces Face Fire

Captain the Parrot - Gank

Captain the Parrot - Doc. Cosmic

Captain the Parrot - Sleeping in the Arms of the Bear

Captain the Parrot - Captain the Parrot

Captain the Parrot - The Exorcism of Candy Caramel

Captain the Parrot - The Yoghurt Disaster

Captain the Parrot - Copacetic Child Driver

Captain the Parrot - 11:30am Eternal

Captain the Parrot - Photon Wrote On

- - -

Please enjoy at an appropriate volume.

I'm also going to be putting a few of my favourites on the creative blog I contribute to, Loom. Loom is still going, pretty much solely with the input of Paul who is doing a fantastic long dreamlike piece that you should really check out. I'll be contributing more, and I hope will be collaborating more with the folks there.

EDIT: Of course having 13 flash players will slow browsing this site down to a ridiculous degree. Of course it will. So I've taken out most of the players, you can click or download or whatever for those.

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