Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sapporo Cafes: nesco

I live in Kita-ku, the North ward of Sapporo and I like it here - hell, I even invented a Kita-ku gang sign, so you Higashi-ku and Chuo-ku motherfuckers front at your peril. We have great soup curry restaurants and even a few good cafes! Like this one:

I didn't want to include nesco under the Sapporo food heading, because although it serves food, and what I tried of it was good, I really wanted to recommend it for its atmosphere. For me it's the perfect balance of shabby and trendy, and with no-one else in there when we went and some nice downbeat indie on, we reach a level of almost vegetative mellowness. Check the serenity:

It looks like the guy who runs the place grinds his own coffee and bakes his own bagels (and can teach you to do the same! The bagels that is) which dominate a lot of the menu. The coffee was good, and I tried a "bagel bowl":

That's a bagel, with filling, on top of salad and topped off with a kind of soft, poached egg. It was delicious, especially the bagel, but I can't completely recommend it because the filling was... minimal. I'd like to try other stuff there and certainly intend to go back so I probably will.

But mostly I'll be going back to attempt to reach enlightenment again. And drink coffee. That's enough for me. I have placed it upon the map.

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