Saturday, 10 October 2009

Comics Stuff : Your Monthly Panel from Daniel Way's Deadpool

To be honest it is kinda hit and miss, but Way's Deadpool is still making me laugh out loud at least a couple of times each issue. This one involves a scene in which Deadpool has secret plan that he has kept hidden even from one of the voices in his head (the comic has been admirably keeping solid with the set up that Deadpool has two other voices in his head that comment on most of his actions, making him a kind of one-man-three-way-buddie-team). And this:

By the way, for non-comic readers out there, you should remember who Deadpool is coz I think they're still going ahead with the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Movie. Reynolds as Deadpool was awesome at the start of the Wolverine flick although, as every comic geek knows, they completely departed from the character at the end. They'll go back to the original take for the movie I would imagine, yet in the same way that there's never been a truly great Punisher movie, I can't imagine they'll ever make a Deadpool movie that's as bat-shit crazy as it should be. It'll probably just be a regular action movie with more wisecracking and jokes when it should be like Crank meets Spider-man with more killing.

I would imagine that there'll be a bit of muscle behind it as well, since Marvel is currently going with three monthly Deadpool titles, which is just a terrible idea. I love the character but there's no way he can support that kind of attention. This is good enough for me.


  1. hey dude, I also like this character. and am thinking of making a character not as good but a little like "Merc with a Mouth".

    but unfortunately i haven't seen a single comics of this dude. and the wolverine movie haven't shown much of it, although i have some knowledge about his living in other dimensions, and having friends and foes in those dimensions. and i like the lady deadpool's style...

    and kidpool's light Sabre .

    and have a great desire to make a comic of those charecter like him...

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