Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Englanding #9 : Disquieting

So yes, busy, busy, busy. This Tuesday is from the following Tuesday, I'm sure you understand.

Japan has a zillion crazy ads. Of course it does, ads with people doing crazy things and ads with shouting. Lots of those. But still, I can't remember an advert that has disturbed me as much as the new Cadbury's bunny that I saw almost as soon as I got back.

The Caramel Bunny has been around for a long time (I think possibly they retired her for a while?) and, yes, possibly could be blamed for the rise of furries in the United Kingdom. I'd like a Freakonomics style breakdown of that actually - how many people who grew up with the Cadbury's bunny on their screens as a teen eventually fell into that little fetish? Wait, that's probably in the new Freakonomics book already isn't it. And it probably still tells us nothing interesting about the world.

So but anyway my problem with this new Cadbury's bunny is the way she seems to be a photoshop morph, halfway between a rabbit and a person. The figure, and those lips are especially chilling. It's like perhaps Cadbury's retired her while their black ops genetics lab went to work actually creating a real life Cabury's bunny girl, and now they're just doing photo shoots.


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