Sunday, 11 October 2009

Golden Market... Third Time Unlucky!

OK, this was my third trip to Sapporo's huge indoor flea market, Golden Market, and it may well be my last. Why? Because there are about a zillion girls' clothes that Tara and Bunny can spend hours digging through and about three people selling guys' clothes, and in every case, you can understand exactly why they're selling their clothes, but not why they bought them in the first place. Still the event itself is always fun, especially coz it looks like this:

There seemed to be more people there than there were at the previous Golden Market I attended, probably because this time there was patchy rain - last time it was a biblical-length downpour. But again, I came away with nothing but a trinket. It's time to face fact that, for me, Golden Market will never be the treasure trove that I long for.

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