Thursday, 1 October 2009

J-Pop - My favourite Amuro Namie song.

Andy showed me this, and I can now say I officially have a favourite Amuro Namie song:

Whatever that counts for.

I had previously been approved to like Amuro Namie by Yuki, who hates the ubiquitous Hamasaki Ayumi and dismisses her as someone who rode on the coat-tails of Namie-chan's success. Namie can sing and dance (unlike a surprising number of other pop starlets) and I've heard quite a few not-half-bad Namie singles at karaoke too, so she's alright in my book.

Not to mention her crazy life story which involves "putting Okinawa on the map" as it were, her mother being murdered by her mother's brother in law (originally this was related to me as being with a chainsaw, but it turns out she was run over then attacked with an axe), and the fact that her first group were called SUPER MONKEYS.

NB: I did deduct points for the commercial she did for Coke Zero last year, but then I added them back on for her tattoos. It's pretty rare to see tattoos in public in Japan, let alone on a pop star.

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