Monday, 19 October 2009

Englanding #1 : Airporter

New Chitose Airport is like an old friend now, I've been in and out of there so many times. This time I did have more trouble than usual locating where the fuck I was supposed to be going, but it all ended up peachy so what's the fuss?

Kansai International Airport:

The international airport code for Kansai (which is pretty much in Osaka I think) is KIX. I have a couple of t-shirts from KIXTYO, a Japanese, sneaker obsessed streetwear brand, and now I'm a little confused. Is the name made up of KIX and TYO, the airport codes for Osaka and Tokyo? Or is it that KIX sounds like "kicks"? Or is it both? Or do they have an Osaka branch called KIXKIX?

When I got to the gate above I was the only person in that side of the building, it was a little eerie, but beautifully serene. The following flight was fairly miserable though, being packed and uncomfortable. Emirates is easily the nicest company I've ever flown with though, and I recommend their services unreservedly.

Dubai Airport:

Dubai Airport looks spectacular but has a disappointingly mundane shortcoming in that it has nowhere near enough toilets. The next flight wasn't full, so it was much more relaxing.

And Heathrow was Heathrow.

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