Monday, 12 October 2009

The Greatest Street Performer Ever

Yuki and I took a trip to Hakodate, it was fun and we had a good time but I got sick and then my heater bust and now I'm feeling a little sorry for myself. More on Hakodate in the next few days, but for now actual recorded footage of a street performer I saw in Sapporo performing late at night in Tanuki Koji last week. I dismissed it as a crazy dream as soon as it had finished, but in Hakodate I came face to face with it once more, and have to admit that the Dance-Painter is real:

I want to start talking about it... but where do I start? With the execrable euro-house? With his sublimely unselfconcious dancing? With his obvious chops as a painter? (He was painting a completely different picture when I saw him in Sapporo)

Why not just let the video speak for itself? I've already mentioned that I believe the future of sport lies in combining disciplines, like Chess-Boxing or Crossword-Tennis. How could I have been so blind as to exclude the arts from this rule?

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