Saturday, 17 October 2009

J-Pop (girls with euphoniums type) - Pistol Valve

This post is meant to be from Saturday, when I was still safely ensconsed in the potato abundant bosom of Hokkaido. Now I'm back in England, but I wasn't on Saturday, so I'll pretend like I was still in Japan and make no further reference to that business here.


After I went to Hakodate, I had one of those moments, like Laura Palmer's mum at the end of the first episode of Twin Peaks, where you suddenly remember that you saw something, something so terrifying that your mind had immediately erased it rather than face the psyche-shredding truth. That truth? A ten-piece, all-girl, J-Pop brass band called Pistol Valve:

I saw a tour poster for these guys that caused a double take, but then somehow I completely forgot about them until days later. Checking them out now, I'd say they're ok. There don't seem to be any good quality tracks on youtube, just shoddy ones, so I may be being a bit harsh when I say their music might be a little too busy. It's hard to tell. Anyway, it ain't terrible, but it's no Soil and "Pimp" Sessions. Check it out:

Hey, it's a bit hard there to pick up who all the different members are right? Well, good job they put it on one of their DVD covers too:

C'mon now, who's your favourite? I'm pretty sure mine is Jenni 7000, because she's, like, more than twice as good as Andre 3000. Though Cotton is also an interesting name.

I don't think they're very famous in Japan, that tour poster was the first time I'd come across them, but they're building up a discography and they've toured the US. So, to my - admittedly cynical - mind that says "Otaku Group." Cute girls, big lungs, pumping brass... phew! What more could a growing lad want?


  1. I have one of their albums. tammy's got an interesting look going.


  2. interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.