Wednesday, 13 May 2009

8 Tracks and Good Omens

I was totally geared up to bounce into some kind of deranged stream of conciousness post about the first Eurovision semi, but fate has raised it's massive, soil-encrusted hand to stop me dead. I came back from work and there are no torrents to be found, no streaming media, nothing but the broken bits and shards, and I have no taste for piecemeal when it comes to Eurovision.

But there was a nice piece of serendipity the other day when the music at work was changed to Abba the day after I found out about Eurovision. Nicely played fate.

And today I find out that my favourite band ever, the Young Fresh Fellows, have a new album out in July. O frabjous day!

Instead, chew on this: remember Muxtape? It was a kind of online mixtape service where you could upload mixes and then people could listen or not or whatever. It was a fun but flawed service, and the fact that they couldn't clear the legal issues and got shut down was a pretty big flaw. 8tracks is a similar but, frankly, better service where you can upload an 8 track mix for people to listen to. Much like, it's a great way to find new music. You can't choose the order that your songs are played in, and the listener can't see what's coming up, but for me that just adds to the fun. And anyway it's that stuff that keeps it legal and means that it won't just get wrapped up and shut down while you're in the middle of listening to something. The whole site and interface is a lot better too. I've got one j-pop mix up there at the moment and I'll upload a bunch more different things in the future.

MagicSword aka Kumaboshi aka Alex on 8tracks

Hey! Why don't you make a mix too? Then I can listen to whatever crap you like!


  1. I'm guessing you told me about this before, but I needed this lengthier writeup to induce me to check it out.


  2. I did exactly that, yes.