Saturday, 23 May 2009

Shiina Ringo - Ariamaru Tomi

Man, I kept seeing all these ads for Matsu-Jun's new TV drama "Smile" a month ago, and since Matsu-Jun always looks like a trainee-date-rapist to me I turned over sharpish. I didn't realise there was a new Shiina Ringo song as the theme tune. Anyway it's out properly as her new single this week and it's pretty good:

I'd imagine it's a damn sight better than the drama it's tacked on to (Japanese TV drama themes are always just tacked on, there's never any pretense of them having anything to do with the drama in question, they're just cross-marketed pop songs). It's nice and I'm excited about her new album in June. Ariamaru Tomi translates, or so I'm told, as something like "Excessive Wealth" which fits with that awesome video.


  1. I felt Utada Hikaru's "Prisoner of Love" matched Last Friends pretty well.


  2. Fair enough, I was employing hyperbole a little too readily. But still, I reckon it's rare that the matching goes beyond "We have a tragic love drama, which artists have a tragic love single ready for release?" and sometimes it's a lot worse than that, it's more like - "This drama stars someone from Arashi, can we get an Arashi single to go along with it?"

    Of course, all that said, the worst TV drama for hideously arbitrary musical choices is Grey's Anatomy.

  3. of course "smile" can't have an Arashi single to go along with it because the Arashi tie in single went to "the quiz show". You see whats important here .... Sho-chan beats Matsujun hands down.

    This being said, me and my new found sisterhood of swooning giggling Arashi fangirls don't appreciate your trainee date rapist comment, sure the guy looks a little bit of a sleaze at times (most of the time(s)..) but if you invest some time (and sacrfice parts of your brain) to a sweet romantic matsujun drama, he'll have you helplessly wrapped around his little finger in no time at all. oh wait, i'm helpless, wrapping around ... this is what he was planning all along wasn't it? dammit matsujun! hes smooth, maybe he did slip something in my tea...

  4. Dear God, what have I created?

  5. wow. u sure can critic. but im not agree that of course. you should watch his drama. he's extremely good at acting. no lie! maybe much better than those whom u praised. ^^