Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Every now and then I forget my many, many failed attempts and again try to find some American comics in Sapporo. While in the big Book-Off the other week I came closer than most times by finding a bumper reprint of old X-Men comics. In Japanese of course:

That's what Chris Claremont's dialogue looks like in Japanese. He did tend to go on a little. Then again he also pretty much defined the X-Men in the late 80s and early 90s, and the volume I picked up features an X-Men vs. Magneto scrap that he wrote and Jim Lee (who pretty much defined the look of the X-Men and 90s comics in general) pencilled.

I like Jim Lee a lot, I've really dug his recent work on the mentally unbalanced All Star Batman and Robin book. The volume also reprints an Omega Red tussle, from when John Byrne was helping Jim Lee write the book. It's got a little prologue for a Longshot story. Longshot, my favourite 80's-pop-star-looking-genetically-engineered-slave-race-superhero.

And Wolverine punking Jubilee on the basketball court.

Just thank your stars I didn't include any of the panels of Gambit going all "King of the Hoop". It's not as fun as I assume it was in 1992.

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