Sunday, 17 May 2009

J-Pop! Kaela-chan loves the colours...

A while back I posted about Kimura Kaela's pop/pop singles, and she's got a new one out in advance of her new album. The song's better than either of the other two (despite the vocoder, which... c'mon now world - enough), and the video is fantastic:

COLOURS! Oh boy, oh gosh, I love colours. And if there's anything I love almost as much as colours it's hat-headed gonks with dangly arms, and physical manifestations of sound effects and dance-punctuation. Therefore, I love that video.

However, I am a little... confused. You see, Yuki and I were looking at the cover of the single in a record store yesterday and I was just taken at first by the colours (oh boy, the colours), but then Yuki pointed out Kaela-chan's pose:

What does that... um, what does that say to you? Because I'm not sure what to read into it to be honest. Well, either way, the whole thing looks like she's having a lot of fun.

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