Thursday, 14 May 2009

Mosdo - That's a bit more like it.

Still not got the Eurovision semi, but at least I should be able to stream it now - I'll check out how plausible that is later. In the mean time - junk food.

Last year Mos Burger (a damn fine Japanese burger chain with a shop next door to where I work) and Mister Donut (a fine Japanese donut emporium) collaborated on a spectacularly underwhelming "Mosdo" campaign. I filed it under "Missed Opportunities" since the collaboration included neither burger nor donut, and instead some sort of spicy chicken that they had "created together". Just thinking about that bullshit gets me pissed off all over again - what the hell is so hard about cutting a donut open and putting a burger in the middle?

Thankfully, this year they've taken a step in the right direction with two different kinds of Donut Burger:

Mos burger's eponymous Mos Burger, or their popular Teriyaki Burger, with a hole in the middle, and a surprise dollop of wasabi sauce (actually in this case horseradish) in the middle. I had one today and it was good, but it didn't expand my conciousness or anything. In the cosmology of awesome, it's still not very far into the heavens, but it's a start. And at least it has a connection to the two spheres of Burger and Donut. Mister Donut have topped it though:

Those are burgers and fries made entirely out of Donut products. Donut buns with chocolate cake for the burger and strawberry or matcha (green tea) flavoured sauce. I'll be checking them out too, don't you worry.

Still, c'mon. Plain ring donut, sliced in half horizontally with a beef patty in the middle. You know it makes sense.

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