Monday, 25 May 2009

Rising Sun Rock Festival 2009 in EZO... pre-game!

Last year I was all flipping out about some of the bands playing at Rising Sun Rock, the big music festival that's held half an hour from where I live, and where I'm going again in August. But since it only features Japanese artists some of the Western folks weren't so up on the line-up, so I decided to try and help a bit this year.

And since I've started using 8tracks... hmmm, that's a nice bit of serendipity. So here are 8 of the artists that'll be appearing at this year's Rising Sun Rock Festival 2009 in EZO. I don't vouch for or endorse all of these (although some of them are fuckin' awesome) but it's a taster, and I'll try and keep adding mixes as I get hold of music and they add more artists.

Man, not camping outside the goddamn festival is gonna rock so hard.

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