Friday, 29 May 2009

Ooooh Stellar Place, you make me so mad!

Living here in Japan you mostly become innured to the bad English used in advertising copy. It's not (necessarily) bad because they can't speak English well (although at times it is), but because while English is a visually catchy hook for an advert, the message has to be conveyed in a way that is easy for non-English speakers to catch. Hence I reckon they use the transitive verb enjoy as an intransitive one because the Japanese verb equivalent is intransitive (you can just "enjoy" you don't have to say what).

Even so, the posters in the fancy central shopping mall Stellar Place are pissing me off more and more. Last season it was "Rhythm of Springs", which made me think of bed-springs rather than lambs a-gambollin', and this year:

Trip is an activity, not a place! The place is fancy! They must have an English speaker on staff somewhere, or be able to call someone who can speak English!

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