Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Eurovision 2009... A Minor Delay

C'est finit. I watched both Eurovision semis and the final to learn that maybe an obscene amount of money and effort is enough to buy the UK back into the hearts of the rest of Europe, and that sometimes the winners do kinda deserve it. But now it's like 3am and the sun'll be up soon so I'm not gonna attempt a proper post about it till tomorrow.

This year, since Wogan jacked it in, I didn't bother spending any time trying to find the British TV broadcast of Eurovision. Graham Norton did it right? I have nothing against him really, but imagining Graham Norton doing Eurovision made me feel really tired for some reason. Instead I watched the first semi with Swedish commentary (which was very soothing) and the second semi and the final from the Australian broadcast, which was really pretty good. Especially when the camera showed them in their little commentary booth and they were wearing this:

Awesome. They were pretty good presenters, and funny without being too smart-arsed for their own good, I approved. God bless you Australia, and let's face it, you've got about as much right to claim membership of Europe as Israel does, so I reckon you should compete too next year.

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