Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sapporo Food: Aoi Sora Nagareru Kumo, Organic Cafe

The fact that Bunny doesn't eat meat and doesn't like fish spurred me into tracking down some organic and vegetarian places to eat while she was staying with me. Aoi Sora Nagareru Kumo (Blue Sky, Rolling Clouds or something like that) was recommended to me by one person, and then within a week Yuka said she wanted to go there too. It was good the first time, and it was even better the second time.

The menu is all in Japanese, but I'm pretty sure they'd do their best to help you out if that's a big problem. It looks like they have a vegetarian set meal that changes everyday, and this is what that looked like the first time we went:

I love brown rice man, I just love it. These food photos by the way are courtesy of Bunny's sterling devotion to documenting every meal she eats out ever. She takes such awesome pictures of food.

Wholesome, organic food is not for everyone, and I probably only love going to places like this because I do so infrequently. The food at this place tasted great though, and although the servings are a little on the small side that brown rice is super filling and Bunny couldn't eat the quiche that is documented below:

That quiche, by the way - the only quiche I think I've ever tried that was worth a damn. I've never liked quiche before, but that was pretty great. The second time we went I had a prawn and fish burger in a wholemeal bun that was fantastic, but wasn't really enough for a full meal. It's not all that cheap either, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for the quality of food, and the incredibly friendly service. I mean, they complemented me on my t-shirt, which was very much appreciated since I bought it in Tokyo the week before. It is a pretty awesome t-shirt though.

It seemed to be pretty busy both times, and it's not so big, so it might be tricky to get a table sometimes. It's pretty easy to get there from the Nishi 18 Chome station on the Tozai line though, it's at West 22, South 1 and I stuck it on my map of course.

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  1. hey man! thank you for this review! I will check out this place right away :) Staying in Sapporo for afew days and felt the urge to eat something healthy again... it's difficult to eat healthy in Japan if you don't have a kitchen :) btw, bunny takes really awesome food pics!